B P M   W I T H   B O U N C E

The right information, for the right person, at the right time.

At Rabbit Software we believe that everything that a company does is a workflow.

Using our Harlequin platform, we are able to ensure that you always have the right processes running throughout any of your core or peripheral business systems.

Rabbit Software is unique in being the only BPM/Workflow provider to offer complete solutions from device to datacentre.

So if you are having problems articulating, running or even defining the processes that underpin what you do, Rabbit Software is here to help.

From breaking down data silos, to joining the dots between either legacy or complex systems, our platform allows us to achieve virtually any end result.

Flexible and Futureproof

Digital transformation the way you need it to be. We are not constrained by the confines of what a product marketing department tells us we need to force on the customer, enabling our analysts to take a technology agnostic approach to helping shape your journey.

People first technology

One of the core long term causes of digital transformation failure is ignoring the people who work for an organisation or whom the organisation serves. Approaching process improvement from a head count reducing mentality is never a good idea, so if that's what you really have your heart set on, we can put you in touch with any number of vendors who will help you along that path.

Resilient and Secure

Hosted on our very own Rabbit Cloud, which combines robust UK based data centres with edge computing for true scalable perimeter defence. Rabbit Cloud is built from the ground up to work in harmony with our engine.

And if you want Harlequin installed on your own infrastructure, that's fine too, as the system is completely platform agnostic.