B P M   W I T H    B O U N C E

Unlimited Reach

Empower Your Business Across All Platforms and Devices:

Harlequin's robust capabilities enable you to effortlessly integrate with mobile apps, customer/supplier portals, websites, and other systems.
Experience seamless data flow and extend your processes to reach any audience, anywhere, on any device.

Boldly Drive Engagement and Efficiency

Break Through Any Limitations and Redefine Your Business Success:

Unlock the full potential of your business operations with Harlequin's unparalleled connectivity. Engage your audience, streamline processes, and maximize efficiency, all while maintaining a consistent and powerful user experience across all platforms.


Visibility & Control

Comprehensive Auditing & Reporting for Unparalleled Insight:

Harlequin's platform delivers full audit capabilities, tracking every action and interaction within your processes, including those with integrated systems. Experience complete visibility and maintain a continuous record of your operations.

Our solution presents relevant information to the right people at the right time, ensuring you always have the insights you need to make informed decisions.



Security & Stability

Experience Unmatched Reliability and Protection:

Harlequin's cutting-edge design ensures a seamless interplay between hardware and software, delivering consistent performance and stability.

Engineered from the ground up, our platform works flawlessly, all the time.

Platform-Agnostic and Future-Proof

A Platform You Can Trust Now and in the Future:

Harlequin's platform-agnostic approach guarantees that server infrastructure upgrades integrate seamlessly with the software, and vice versa. This adaptability allows us to provide an exceptionally fault-tolerant and secure environment to run your processes.


Cost-Effective & Versatile

Maximize Value with Rapid Prototyping and Reusability:

Harlequin's innovative workflow skeleton process enables rapid real-world prototyping, allowing you to validate build priorities against budget before committing resources. Make informed decisions and optimize your investment with confidence.

Harlequin is engineered with reusability in mind, ensuring your processes remain versatile and adaptable. Create alternative versions or build upon existing processes with ease, leveraging previous work as a solid foundation.


Areas where we can really help out

Discover the transformative power of Harlequin, designed to solve your most pressing challenges and drive your business towards success.

Boost Customer Engagement

Enhance customer interactions with Harlequin's seamless, user-friendly experience across all platforms.

Maintain Complete Control

Gain unparalleled visibility and oversight of your operations, empowering informed decision-making with Harlequin.

Safeguard Your Business

Trust in Harlequin's robust security and stability, ensuring the protection of your valuable data and processes.

Continuously Evolve & Improve

Adapt and grow with Harlequin's scalable, reusable, and versatile solutions tailored to your business needs.

Streamline Process Management

Optimize efficiency and productivity by automating and managing complex workflows with Harlequin's powerful BPM capabilities.

Integrate Legacy Systems

Seamlessly connect and align your existing systems with Harlequin, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruptions.

All our features come as standard, with no annoying hidden costs,

We can deploy and be ready to build processes instantly.

Take a look inside Harlequin

Customisable dashboards

Granular user control

Digitise any process , connect to anything

Versatile form design

Intuitive database creation

Report on any data connected to Harlequin

Leverage the power of AI within your processes

Flexible portal deployment

Complete audit log

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